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About Natural Pet Food & Supplies

Since 1994, we began when our pets were experiencing health problems that persisted even while under the care of our veterinarian. Determined to find a better way to improve our pets condition, I was challenged to do some research myself. This journey led me to the world of alternative healing, holistic care, herbal supplements and wholesome natural food for pets. I was excited about my newfound knowledge and about the positive effects wholesome natural pet food had on our pets. I wanted to share this experience with everyone who had pets with health problems.

Natural Pet Food & Supplies is a retailer of organic and natural pet food, healthy treats, holistic supplements, chemical free grooming products and pet supplies. We only carry products that are beneficial to your pet health. Natural Pet Food & Supplies distributes thousands of natural health products from over 50 manufacturers who are dedicated to providing for the wellness and nutritional needs of all pets. At Natural Pet Food & Supplies, we constantly review new products. Then we carefully select the products we choose to carry and promote. It is our goal and motto to provide the resources for healthier pets. Our Natural Pet Food & Supplies “menu” includes specialized products for your special pet. Our desire is to provide for all of your pets need. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us directly.

A natural pet food contains quality wholesome mostly human grade ingredients along with beneficial health supplements that cater to the specific needs of your pets. The increasing availability of organic pet foodis even better.

Don’t be fooled by commercial pet food advertisements claiming to be the best. The facts are chemical preservatives can lead to health problems, inexpensive filler have little or no nutritional value and the questionable source of protein and use of animal by products in commercial pet food is not openly revealed by the manufactures of commercial pet food. At best, this can only result in poor health for your pet.

Natural Pet Food & Supplies